Why We Are Different

Your work environment is important to your productivity, your job satisfaction, and even your health.

We are in the image business. Your office area makes the first impression on clients and co-workers. You want to project an organized, clean and pleasant atmosphere.

BCI Janitorial works with you to put your best face forward . . . first impression and beyond. This is how we do it:


Our fleet vehicles have GPS trackers so we can verify quality control and floor care maintenance is done frequently.

BCI Janitorial doesn’t just trust our operations management to fulfill work orders throughout DFW; we have the technology to verify it.


Providing janitorial cleaning services at client job sites creates a potential for remote crews to “run in and out”.

BCI Janitorial doesn’t just trust our employees to show up on-time every day and stay the required amount of time; we verify it with location-based timekeeping.

Location-based smartphone apps and voice verification phone calls from an on-site phone line achieve this.


We have 100% in-house employees we fully train and equip with everything needed to complete a job. We pay all required employer and employee contributions to the state of Texas and the United States.

Our workforce fills out a W-4 IRS form when hired and then they receive a W-2 at the end of each year. We pay our dues and always have.

Other cleaning companies blatantly cut corners for profit.

BCI Janitorial has been in business over 25 years by being legit.


Routinely we hear of competitors paying cash to their workers to hide the fact they are paying below minimum wage.

For a low-skilled worker, the allure of minimum wage cash without tax deductions becomes a difficult lesson to be learned come tax time.

What was believed to be minimum wage is less once the true cost of filling out a W-9 is understood.

Humble workers realize they have been taken advantage of when the file their independent contractor 1099 forms resulting in a debt to the IRS.

We go above and beyond minimum wage issues by instead paying the “living wage” for Dallas TX of $11 an hour.


Full-time employees value their jobs more than part-time employees. When the wages we pay are used for housing, people are more receptive to training.

Part-time workers usually have a full-time position elsewhere that takes priority.

We group smaller accounts together to form a 30-40 hour position which results in a more dedicated and trainable employee.