About Us

In February of 1992, our founding entrepreneur, Esther DeLeon, incorporates Building Contractors Inc (BCI or BCI Janitorial) after being Esther’s sole proprietorship since the late 80’s. Her experience in commercial office cleaning begins in the early 1980’s where she works as a bilingual area supervisor for a man named Billy Haws.

Billy’s janitorial company, American Housekeeping Inc, has deeper roots in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, going all the way back to 1968 when Billy goes into business for himself cleaning buildings. By the early 1980’s, growth requires him to dedicate Esther to oversee his Dallas operations while he expands out of state. Esther is responsible for public relations with clients during the day and conducts quality control inspections with her crews in the evening.

Esther still works for Billy during the 90’s while BCI is in its infancy. Billy helps Esther when provides BCI with a couple of empty offices to conduct business, within his own office building in Dallas TX.

Mr. Haws influence on BCI Janitorial is tremendous. His legacy and his business swag are alive and well within BCI Janitorial; just as it is within the thriving national company he is the founder to and which his daughter now owns and continues to scale.