COVID-19 Disinfecting Service

According to the US Department of Homeland Security’s CISA guidelines, BCI Janitorial falls within the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce under the HYGIENE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES sector: “Support required for continuity of services, including commercial disinfectant services, janitorial/cleaning personnel...”

Just days before the Dallas county shelter-in-place order in late March, BCI Janitorial was included in a Dallas Morning News article for Providing Crucial Services. We unexpectedly found ourselves on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic. Throughout the shelter-in-place orders, our cleaners remain engaged in providing disinfecting services to essential businesses across Texas.

BCI’s diverse client base consists of entities operating in the other 16 critical sectors, as described by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). This includes our great State of Texas. When the declaration of the disaster was made, BCI Janitorial mobilized quickly for the emergency procurements to prevent hazards to life, safety, and welfare.

Now, more than ever, as quarantine orders expire and our economy begins to open up again, it is imperative ALL businesses take a preventative approach to COVID-19 and continually disinfect the workplace.

We are all in this together. BCI Janitorial will continue doing our part to flatten then curve while being fair and honest in our pricing. Stay safe. May the Lord Bless Y’all and Keep Y’all, and please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help each other.

Oscar F DeLeon Jr
Business Development